Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Bag

A very serious story this week came out about a woman who is now paralyzed after using her friend’s makeup brush (she contracted MRSA.) Experts recommend never sharing makeup.

This made me think about my makeup brushes and makeup bag needing a serious spring cleaning.

How to clean your makeup brushes:

If you don’t have a makeup brush cleanser… use baby shampoo.

Use a paper towel, add baby shampoo and water, then in a circular motion start cleaning the brush.  Rinse off and repeat until the brush is completely clean.

Make sure you dry the brush completely, and lay out to dry for a few hours.


When to Throw Away Makeup

Beauty products, while we love to hold on to them, have expiration dates.

Mascara:  3 months

Mascara expires the fastest of all cosmetics – as the brush is taken out, applied, and put back into the container, bacteria is collected.  If not changed:  can cause redness, an eye infection or conjunctivitis in the most severe cases.

Foundation:  6-12 months (ideally 6 months)

Lipgloss – 6 months

Like mascara, it’s a product you keep dipping into.

Lipsticks/ lip pencils – max one year.

Sharpen the pencils before each use to clean the pencils

Anti-aging creams and serums, acne treatments and moisturizers – 12 months.

Tip: Keep all makeup out of moist environments – especially your bathroom! High temperatures encourage the growth of bacteria.



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