What to bring on a Picnic

I went to visit NECN this week, and have a fun segment on what to bring to a picnic.


limor picnic









We’re going on a picnic, of course we need a picnic basket:

This is the Built Picnic Bag – comes with 4 place settings, utensils, napkins, plates, plastic wine glasses, zips up into a bag

$149.99 BuiltNY.com


You dont want to be lugging around bottles and bottles of wine, plus some parks won’t even allow glass.  The Naked Grape just introduced boxed wine, its the same wine in the bottle but in a box form. 4 bottles of wine in this 3L box – $20 at at liquor store or thenakedgrapewine.com


Now that we have what we’re drinking down, lets talk about some food.  I always vie for healthier options.

so here we have greek yogurt parfaits, made with KIND Whole Grain Clusters, they’re 100% whole grain and gluten free, and they taste great.

caprese salad skewers

Then we have caprese salad skewers, once I get to the picnic, I  drizzle some pompein mediterranian blend oil so the dressing is nice and fresh.  The blend is extra virgin olive oil, canola oil and grapeseed, its really light so its perfect for a salad.  Can also just bring some mixed greens with a wrap and drizzle on that.

Check this on-ice divided platter from Sur La Table, put ice on the bottom, and keeps your food cool.  And this food dome, keep flies away. Both from Sur La Table.

For dessert: Artic Ice frozen dessert its only 150 calories for the pint, and Mrs. Smiths Apple Pie, which tastes homeade, made with real butter and lots of filling, you just buy it at the frozen food aisle.

And last but not least, if you’re bringing your dog to the park, make sure to bring some treats so they’re not taking all of your food. These are wellness small breed petite dog treats.  They’re all natural, grain free and come crunchy or soft.





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