Skechers Game Kicks – Smart Shoe that Doubles As Game

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 12.48.23 PMTalk about a game changer, Skechers just came out with Game Kicks, the first-ever smart shoe that doubles as an interactive game for kids.

The game is similar to the popular 70’s game Simon, the light-up memory game. At the touch of a button, the kids can play the gam on the side of the shoe. Don’t worry, the sound can be turned off (a win-win for parents and teachers). The game is fun and improves cognitive skills.

I had my niece (10) and nephew (7) test it out and they LOVED it. The shoes are SUPER cute and kept them entertained for hours!

One question I got was “how long will the battery last?” The response I was told is: “The battery will last the length of the life of the shoe (meaning it will last as long as the child fits into the shoe before he/she outgrows it)” SOunds good to me.

Run, don’t walk to get this shoe! It comes out in Feb!

game kicks - girls 2

game kicks - girls

game kids - boys

game kids



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