REVIEW: Build a Bot by Colorific

Since I have two boys now, and I get sent toys all the time, I’ve decided to start reviewing them!

I was recently sent the Build a Bot from colorific, an awesome new S.T.E.M. toy that allows kids to build their very own personalized robot pet and is perfect for kids ages five and up!  I thought it would be an easy twenty minutes of putting together a toy, I’m 37 after all!   I was pleasantly surprised and excited when I was challenged and couldn’t figure out why something wasn’t working.  Each bot comes with 20 parts as well as a variety of stickers, and if you have more than one bot the parts can be mixed and matched for even more options. When you first take everything out of the box, it reminded me of  IKEA furniture that comes in a million pieces and a set of instructions!  I was a computer science minor in College, but I was no engineer!   It was awesome following the instructions and see my little bunny come to life! While my 2.5 year old is way too young to do this himself (its recommended for 5-6 year olds with adult supervision!) , he liked the end product and kept dangling the carrot for the bunny to chase after!  It was awesome to see my little bunny hop!  And it was equally awesome seeing him not really hop that well, and trying to figure out what I did wrong.

If you’re looking for a mentally stimulating toy, this toy is great!   It comes in Bunny, Fox or a Dino!  Its a great holiday or birthday gift for any kid. It recommends 5+ with parental help, and 8 alone, but I’m 37 and was challenged making it a few times so this can def skew older too!

Build a Bot is a great way to get your kids using their S.T.E.M thinking skills while still having a lot of fun playing with an adorable new toy in the process.

Side note: The Bunny would be super cute for Easter!

Some more about Build-a-Bot below:








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