Must Try! Wasabi Seaweed Snacks

I’m not sure if you’ve tried Seaweed Snacks yet, but I am OBSESSED!  They’re so low in calories and they taste amazing!  I saw a girl on the Subway eating Brown Sugar ones, and was intrigued.  She said they were great, so I bought a pack.  Since I love spicy, I opted for Wasabi.  At first try, I wasn’t sure what to make of it, they were good, just had an interesting consistency.  I liked them though, just took a minute to get used to it.  Now, I eat them almost daily.

I eat the Annie Chun ones, but that’s b/c that’s what my supermarket carries.   I tried Sea Snax too and they were great, but have no idea where to purchase.


Seaweed Snacks.



They retail for $1.99, but of course Amazon has them at a great price of $15 for 12 packs.

You have to try them!




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