Bethany Mota Launches Perfume at Aeropostale

Social Media Starlet Bethany Mota, of Youtube fame, just launched her first perfume with AĆ©ropostale

I was invited to be one of the first to check out the fragrance and hear the starlet talk about her new launch. Every detail was thought out, from the packaging to the charms (which can be removed to put on a bracelet or necklace) and the scent is ‘very her’ – which can be worn anywhere.

Bethany Mota Perfume Aeropostale

Bethany Mota Perfume Aeropostale

Pick one up today! Its sold exclusively at Aeropostale – in stores and online!












UPDATE: Since this has been such a popular post, we’re going to give one perfume away! Enter to win below.

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