Fab Find: Boxed.com – An Online Costco

Today, I wanted to tell you guys about one of my new favorite websites, Boxed.com. As you may know, I love to shop online for everything. Free 2 day shipping? I’m in. While I use to love going shopping at stores, my 2 year old, Aiden, makes it a little hard to get out to do that. But I love when the FedEx or UPS guy comes to the door and brings me exactly what I was looking for. Ah, technology…


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I have always loved stores like Costco and Sams Club, but since I don’t have a huge house, never liked going unless I had a huge party to host because I simply didn’t have the space. And while I may have intended to only buy paper towels and zip lock bags, I end up leaving with a ton of stuff I have nowhere to put. Plus, the membership fees were always a deterrent for me.

So why do I love Boxed? Its essentially an online Costco! Except, there are no membership fees and FREE Two Day Shipping! (once you get to a certain amount in your cart) You mean, I don’t have to carry stuff to my car, then back into my house? SOLD!

Also, I like that they have all the essentials I’m looking for and I don’t have to deal with going to Costco, yet I’m able to get the same pricing. Plus it with a personal note.

It’s also really good for people that live in cities that don’t have a Costco around them or the space for everything they might want to buy versus what they need to buy. (Read: Paper Towels and Toilet Paper)

Have a party to plan? They have everything you need from snacks, drinks and paper plates!

They have an App too. You can download it here.


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Check it out. It’ll make planning your week or your next party a breeze!


Image Credit: Boxed.com








Let me know what you think of Boxed!  What are some of your fav sites?



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